About Wengerd Ministries

Hi, I’m Doran Wengerd.

My friends would tell you that I’ve always been an optimistic person. As nearly the youngest of 6 children (and a twin at that), I’ve been driven to succeed most of my life. There was always a way around the roadblock in my way!

I realize now that I was being prepared to see the world from God’s perspective. I have a very simple response when asked what I do.

I give people HOPE.

“I subscribe to the truth that when the student is ready the teacher appears. That is what happened to me. Doran appeared and has blessed me with his emotional presence and emotional interest in what I want to accomplish. He engages with fierce gentleness but encouragement for life change based on what he hears from the Lord. He speaks truth. I’m moved by it. Kudos to my friend and personal coach, Mr. Doran!“
Arlen Miller

I spent more than 20 years working in the various facets of construction, and running my own business.

My boss told me one time, “A good carpenter is not one who never makes mistakes, but one who knows how to make it right.”

I’ve had to ‘own up’ to more things than I care to recount, but one thing is for sure……I’m not worried or intimidated by “hopeless situations.”

After being married for 23 years and 5 children later, my wife Melissa and I have seen a thing or two in the parenting world as well.

We have also witnessed the hand of the Lord in so many ways as we have traveled across the country following Him.

After feeling led to sell my business, I began truly looking into the eyes and hearts of people, and asking God what’s next. I started seeing a quiet desperation piled onto unmet dreams and expectations.

The compassion I experienced at this point came directly from God. I began to see people as He does.

I wanted so badly to help people, but I needed training. The next few years resulted in a CLC degree (Certified Life Coach), an Associates’ Degree in Biblical Studies, and Licensing as a Minister of the Gospel.

In short—I’ve learned to listen.

I meet you where you are. I believe in you and in your dreams. I face your struggle head-on with you, and give you HOPE.

I preach. I coach. I teach. I listen. Sometimes it’s in the coffee shop one-on-one. At other times I’m preaching or leading Bible Studies in our home or overseas.

I don’t claim to have all the answers you need, but I know the one who does. I am committed to take your questions to the Lord and to His Word, and to partner with you by faith for breakthrough in your life.

Together – we will write your story!