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Family Healing!

In our online Bible study this last Sunday, my uncle David asked us to pray for his son Carson. He had fallen out of a

Insomnia GONE!

I prayed for a lady who had suffered incessantly from insomnia for 15 years with barely an hour or so of sleep at a time.

Healed of Pancreatitis!

One of our Bible Study attendees was diagnosed with pancreatitis. She asked for prayer, and as I began to pray I thought, “That’s just another

Peace from Colic

Hi my name is Leah. My son Arron had colic with acid reflux, and was crying nonstop day and night. I began praying for him,

Itch Be Gone!

I want to share this story, because it is an example of Christ redeeming us from every curse. Somewhere on my body was very itchy

Hannah’s Child

Hi, I am Hannah. I am writing to give a precious testimony to the Lord: I prayed for a baby in March of this last

Healed of Epilepsy

My name is Sharon. I met a girl from another country who came to work in the hospital. She suddenly got epilepsy because of work