Do you TRUST your father…completely?

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Many people on the earth today have truly never experienced the unconditional love and provision of their biological parents. This makes it more difficult for them to relate to God truly as He is.

Last week I asked the question…”Do you TRUST God to always want good things for you?”

The reality is that our level of trust in our Heavenly Father determines our ability to receive from Him. This discussion has sparked many questions in conversations with others about our relationship with God as our Father.

I needed to find a different example to convey how God responds to and cares for us. I immediately began thinking of examples in nature of the parents caring for their young.

The Lord took me to Deuteronomy 32:11-12 where it says – “As an eagle stirs up its nest, Hovers over its young, Spreading out its wings, taking them up, Carrying them on its wings, So the LORD alone led him, and there was no foreign god with him.”

How many of us have ever seen God as stirring up his nest to make us comfortable, or fluttering over us and spreading his wings wide to cover us, or carrying us effortlessly on his own power…?

Few examples are quite as vivid as a mother and father eagle preparing for, hatching, protecting, and feeding their young eaglets.

The eaglets never need to wonder if they will be abandoned, or left to fend for themselves. Everything the parents bring to the nest is good.

Even when the adolescents begin to fly, it is only at the time when flying is actually possible, and the young ones are NEVER pushed out of the nest. Usually, no coaxing is necessary and the eaglets are all too anxious to test their wings! (I had to research this to make sure it’s true…)

The message of God’s goodness inevitably brings up the question of “sovereignty”. God is definitely highest in rank and authority, which makes Him sovereign in the true definition of the word.

This does NOT mean, however, that He is in CONTROL.

When a sovereign ruler exerts absolute control, he becomes a DICTATOR.

My Father is THE KING who has prepared for, protected, fed, and empowered his sons and daughters to take his authority and use it to show HIS GOODNESS to the world.

Everyone is able to see this, but you will live your life with vague references to God’s goodness or faithfulness, without ever actually experiencing His nature manifesting in healing, or finances, or mended relationships, if you are unwilling to release the notion that everything in your life has come from God.

Religion teaches that bad things come with the good by the sovereignty of God, but JESUS showed the world something different! He modeled his Father’s Goodness to all who would receive.

You need to camp on this issue as long as it takes! Don’t talk about it with others until you have spent the days, weeks, months, or years sitting before your Father as an eaglet in the nest. Open the WORD and allow Him to feed you, and you will eventually see Him as HE IS.

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