Faith has Wheels

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If you are a Christian, does that automatically make you a believer?

I’ve talked with many Christians who have said very clearly, “I’m a Believer!”, but the evidence in their life showed otherwise. Now remember, I’m not saying these things to condemn you, or in any way to bring shame. The devil already does plenty of that without my help!

I’m asking this question to hopefully bring clarity to your heart, and ultimately HOPE that your situation has unlimited possibilities of improvement.

True effortless change begins first with full honesty with yourself about the thoughts and intentions of your own heart.

God wants to give us a Word, but then He expects us to BELIEVE it. God’s ability to work in our lives is limited to what we are willing to believe and receive. I had this happen when I was looking for a place for my family to live as I attended Charis Bible College.

The following is part of a study I’m writing called “Walking by Faith” –

-“Where are we going to live”, I asked God as I hiked along the west side of Pike’s Peak. I had been looking at rental listings, but all of them were too expensive and too small for my family of 7. An amazing thing happened though every time I would ask my Heavenly Father this question. I would experience an overwhelming sense of peace that it’s all taken care of.

I had been thinking through this process for months now, but each time I raised the question, God’s amazing peace and joy would flood my heart. I finally came to the realization that my Heavenly Father truly had everything taken care of, and all He needed me to do was simply believe.

On this particular day, I had spent hours reading the Bible and listening to the voice of God. With Peace in my heart, I told God that I didn’t need any other confirmation that He had a place all prepared for my family. I did ask Him however with excitement, “Can I see it?”

Immediately, a vision of a house appeared in my mind with full color and clarity. I knew instantly that this was the house for us. Over the next 5 months I had to make the decision of whether I would Believe this or not, because my family had not yet joined me in Colorado.

When it came time to move my whole family from Ohio to Colorado, we still had no house to move to when we got there. We left and made the 22 hour drive with no place to go back to, and no place to move into on the other end.

I realize now that it was at this point of leaving, that the real strength of our faith was being put to work. We were truly putting James 2:17-24 to the test.

It’s only when “The rubber meets the road” that our faith is forced to retreat in fear or reach out and take! Faith has wheels that are powerless to propel you forward if the car stays parked in the garage of fear and unbelief……SO GET OUT AND DRIVE!!

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