Family Healing!

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In our online Bible study this last Sunday, my uncle David asked us to pray for his son Carson. He had fallen out of a tree while playing on Sunday afternoon, and was vomiting with a fever, headache, etc. When we prayed for Carson, I was out of town on the other side of the country. My mother and Aunt Sarah were with me, and all of us were listening to the teaching in the bedroom. However, my Aunt Brooke who is an unbeliever was lying on the sofa in the living room looking at her cell phone. Aunt Sarah asked our online teacher to pray for her hands and legs because she was shivering. The doctor had said this is normal for older people, and gave her some medicine. Our teacher encouraged her, “By His stripes, you were healed”, and told me to put my hands on Aunt Sarah. We all gathered around and prayed for her. After we prayed, I gave her two cell phones and she instantly picked them up without any shaking. Aunt Brooke gave her a bowl of water to test if she was still shaking, but it had stopped completely. After seeing this immediate healing, Aunt Brooke asked to get prayer for her lower back pain, and got healed instantly when we prayed for her. Remember she is an unbeliever! On the second day, Carson was completely healed, and Aunt Brooke started to listen and talk with us about the whole gospel, including the healing power of God. She also got some teaching materials from us and started to listen to them. Thank God! The Lord is Faithful. Glory to our Heavenly Father!

– Jessie


Insomnia GONE!

I prayed for a lady who had suffered incessantly from insomnia for 15 years with barely an hour or so of sleep at a time.

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