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Hi, I am Hannah. I am writing to give a precious testimony to the Lord: I prayed for a baby in March of this last year, and knew that I was pregnant in mid-April. Thank you for the gift of the Lord! I am even more grateful to the Lord for keeping me and my baby all the way through pregnancy! More than a week before the due date of December 17th, because there have been no signs, so the mood is very unstable, and also entrusted parents to pray for me to give birth to the baby on time. On December 17, there was a reaction to hospital admission, and at 4 am on the 18th, she gave birth to a female treasure. During this period, many relatives and friends prayed for me, and my husband always encouraged me, and I firmly believe that the Lord is with me until the birth. (In the process of giving birth, I also prayed for the women around me. The miracle continued, because even though my whole amniotic fluid was contaminated, the baby did not inhale. Thank God, my miracle baby came to the world safely and healthy.) After giving birth to the baby, there was no milk. I started to get anxious, but kept on praying. By the time I was discharged from the hospital there was plenty of milk for my baby. Thank God for the constant prayer of family, and brothers and sisters in Christ, and especially for the love of the Lord! Glory to my Lord!



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