“I was sick…and then I wasn’t!”

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We have been going to Doran’s Bible Study for several months now, and have really been enjoying it. Being a graduate of Charis bible College myself, I was really looking forward to getting connected with like minded believers again. Doran and Melissa have not disappointed us, but have been sharing sound and solid teachings, while at the same time creating an atmosphere of hope, peace and love, opening up their home and hearts to everyone. We had people with sickness in and out of our house quite a bit, and I had been believing that we wouldn’t get it, but that it would die as it enters my home. Well low and behold, about a week later, one evening as I was getting ready for bed, I realized I was not feeling well at all. My body was hot but I was chilling, with a slight headache. My first response was, “oh no you won’t!” I took a hot shower and went to bed hoping everything would be better in the morning. The next morning I got up early to prepare breakfast for my daughter and still feeling very sick. After she left I thought about going back to bed but decided to stay up and do my usual morning routine. I sat on the couch reading and I couldn’t focus. I was just feeling so yucky, so I laid down on the couch. At around 8:00 I woke up, still feeling sick. I was feeling kinda discouraged by that time, because I knew I didn’t have to be sick, so why was I? As I was laying there thinking about my situation, the teaching that Doran had on our relationship with God came to my mind. I started to meditate on my relationship with Him and how thankful I am to know Him, and that He loves me unconditionally. As I was laying there meditating, God so softly spoke to me. He said, “ You know Mary, I have set before you life and death, choose life!” At that, I got up walked out to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the children. As I got up I was like…”that is ….AWESOME!!” I felt normal! I started fixing breakfast, and not a hint of sickness! And yes, it happened just like that, one second I was sick and the next I was one hundred percent well! It was as if when I got up, the sickness stayed on the couch! I didn’t feel any tingling or heat wave or any dramatic transformation. It was just… I was sick… and then I wasn’t! Praise God!

-Mary Hershberger – Navarre, OH


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