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Family Healing!

In our online Bible study this last Sunday, my uncle David asked us to pray for his son Carson. He had fallen out of a tree while playing on Sunday afternoon, and was vomiting with a fever, headache, etc. When we prayed for Carson, I was out of town on the other side of the…

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“I was sick…and then I wasn’t!”

We have been going to Doran’s Bible Study for several months now, and have really been enjoying it. Being a graduate of Charis bible College myself, I was really looking forward to getting connected with like minded believers again. Doran and Melissa have not disappointed us, but have been sharing sound and solid teachings, while…

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Insomnia GONE!

I prayed for a lady who had suffered incessantly from insomnia for 15 years with barely an hour or so of sleep at a time. She was desperate to find relief. As I was praying for her, the Lord spoke to my heart. He said, “Speak PEACE over her and calm the storm in her…

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