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A conversation I was having with a friend this week began with, Did I ever tell you about…?”, and his response surprised me. He leaned over the table and said very emphatically, “No, I haven’t heard, and that’s not right. We need to hear these stories!”

The following is an excerpt from my “Walking By Faith” study…

I had decided. From now on……I’m not bailing God out. If He stated in His Word that He will take care of me, then I choose to believe Him! I thought, “It may be uncomfortable for me as I learn this process, but the sooner I have it settled in my heart the better.”

I was in my 1st year at Charis Bible College in Colorado. All of our available funds were being used to support my family who were still living in Ohio at the time. Every one of my personal living expenses were extra (including my tuition).

I had only been there several months, but I had already experienced undeniably life-changing revelation in my heart. I was attending a conference with multiple speakers including Andrew Wommack. I felt the Lord very clearly speaking to me to Partner with AWMI.

My first comment to Father was, “I would love to commit to partner financially, but with what money…?” After a few minutes of silence, I felt my heart settle into peace and I said, “Yes Sir. How much?” He very clearly answered in my heart, “One hundred dollars”.

Now you need to understand, that at this point $20 a month would have felt like a stretch. Every dollar that came in was an act of faith, and for me to commit $100/month required me to believe for extra that I could not see in the natural.

I reached over and grabbed a partner commitment card. When I entered the amount and signed my name at the bottom, I heard God say clearly in my heart, “It is DONE”. Immediately, I felt my own faith explode in my heart, and I knew instinctively that something else was in motion.

Several hours later I received a phone call from a friend who was aware that I was attending Charis Bible College, and that my family was still in Ohio. He explained how he and his wife were reading the Word over breakfast, and they came to Matthew 10:41.

As they read these verses, both he and his wife looked up and said simultaneously, “Doran! He’s our prophet! He’s our righteous man!”

He went on to explain that everything was already arranged, and that they were committing to paying my tuition for as long as I was attending Charis Bible College. They also committed to and paid for my wife and 5 children to travel to Colorado to visit me over spring break.

This literally happened on the exact same day that I had committed to a partnership of $100/month. The resulting harvest was 2 years of tuition paid at over $450/month plus travel for my family.–

Stay tuned for more “Walking By Faith.”

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