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Some of the names and photos have been changed to protect identities, and some of the stories have been shortened or clarified, but the heart of the Testimonies and the truth of the power of God at work have been preserved.

Itch Be Gone!

I want to share this story, because it is an example of Christ redeeming us from every curse. Somewhere on my body was very itchy

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Faith has Wheels

If you are a Christian, does that automatically make you a believer? I’ve talked with many Christians who have said very clearly, “I’m a…

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Paid in Full

A conversation I was having with a friend this week began with, “Did I ever tell you about…?”, and his response surprised me. He leaned…

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God is Faith-FULL

When we think of the “Faithfulness” of God, we tend to think of His dependability and steadiness. I would like to challenge you to consider…

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