Where would a Hobbit be without a Wizard?

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Where would a Hobbit be without a Wizard?  Anyone can grasp the similarities whether you’re familiar with the story of The Hobbit or not.  We may see only our actions in the ‘natural’, but God is continually working supernaturally for our good.

I read the other day about Moses leading the children of Israel, and something hit me that had never stuck out to me before.  The people were complaining about being thirsty and accusing Moses of taking them into the desert to die.

God said to Moses, “Go before the people, and take your rod with you.  I will stand before you there on the rock in Horeb.  You will strike the rock, and water will come out for the people to drink”.  Even though none of the people could see Him, God was actively providing for them.

When we think only in ‘natural’ terms, we are only able to receive logical answers.  God doesn’t work ‘naturally’. He defies logic…. and so should we. If there are not “unexplainable” things in your life, you are not walking fully in the power of God.

How many times in the Bible do we find God’s answers to people making logical sense?  What about dipping in the Jordan River 7 times?…a floating axehead?…feeding 15-20,000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish?…paying taxes with a coin from a fish’s mouth?

Think about it…why did Jesus turn the water to wine?  Why did the prophet tell the widow to pour oil out of a nearly empty jar?  In every instance that comes to mind I find the power of God working in conjunction with the faith and actions of people.

The answers you need are waiting on you to believe the word of the Lord, and follow up by obeying what He has told you to do.  The Supernatural power of God combined with our faith and obedience produces the goodness of God as His Zoe Life into our natural circumstances.

This should literally change our natural and physical experience on a continual basis.  The challenge I have for you is to recognize the power of God actively working for your good, and to ask Him for a WORD to join your faith to.

This combination is UNSTOPPABLE, and the Kingdom of Heaven will forcefully advance!!

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